About Us

Welcome to CA-Stock.

CA-Stock is a collection of my own photos, taken over many years.

Being an artist, over the years I've noticed the difficulty of getting stock images without endless rules and at a price that I can afford for my artwork.

So, I decided to make my stock available to artists at a cheap price and with little Terms & Conditions.

Take a look around, find what you want and download it immediately, after a few clicks to Paypal.

All images are shown at a size of around 400 pixels wide, and the zoom is at 1200 pixels, and with watermarks on them.

The details and full file sizes (Typically around 4000-5000 pixels wide) are displayed with each image, and that is the size you will receive upon download, and the watermarks will be removed.

If you have any questions or suggestions then please contact me via the options here.

You can see my artwork on these sites:
Random Images
  • Brown post texture wood.
  • Dove pigeon animal bird.
  • Western asia uae skyscraper palm tree dubai.
  • Forest leaf dead moss trunk.
  • Single tree green white.
  • Tree root single.
  • Gray airplane.
  • Rock landscape desert white mountain.
  • Water sky sun sunset sunrise.
  • Mountain javea road cloud spain.
  • White green tree.
  • Blue sky cloud.
  • Rock water sky plant europe.
  • Karlskrona europe sweden building.
  • Leaf plant red ivy.
  • Cloud blue sky.
  • Crater lava gray volcanic.
  • Sky dune western asia middle east sand.
  • Europe javea mountain path montgo climb.
  • Cliff southeast asia sea sky phang nga bay.
  • Sea akademik ioffe antarctica cruise day 3 dinghy.
  • South america desert andes landscape altitude.
  • Sky salta tour 2 argentina south america landscape.
  • Spain sky shadow arenal bar.
  • Mausoleum india reflection ustad ahmad lahauri south asia.
  • Floating water umbrella boat damnoen saduak.
  • White single tree.
  • Sky cloud.
  • Transparent sketch building.
  • Lago argentino cloud patagonia south america lake.