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Press Release - Launch of CA-Stock

By CA-Stock
Date: 11 MAY, 2015
Downloadable PDF: press-release-launch-ca-stock-may-2015.pdf

CA-Stock announces their new website and joins the online community

CA-Stock.com is a joint venture between Digital Artist Cathrine Langwagen (Cassiopeia Art) and her partner Rob Donovan, to supply images & photos to artists.

Over the years Cathrine has acquired a huge stock library of her own photos that she uses in her Digital Artwork.

With now over 60000 images, it was time to organise them better and Cathrine and Rob came up with CA-Stock.com which they believe would also be a valuable resource to all Digital Artists.

Artists are always looking for digital media to include in their work and many can’t afford the long or expensive subscriptions of the big stock sites, so they decided to create CA-Stock as a pay as you go site, and as cheaply as they could.

All images are priced at $1 and can be bought instantly and securely via PayPal.

There are currently over 35000 hires images on the site, and more images are being added as they are taken by Rob & Cathrine.

The site was written from the ground up by Rob, expanding on his knowledge of computing and websites, to bring a secure, clean, quick and pleasing site design to the online artist world.

See what CA-Stock has to offer: https://www.ca-stock.com

Or see them on Social Media.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/castock

GooglePlus: https://plus.google.com/+Castockimages

Press Release - Launch of CA-Stock

Random Images
  • Green purple plant flower.
  • Window black building.
  • Animal blue fish.
  • Tree stump green.
  • Thailand sky limestone water tree.
  • Tree forest green.
  • Texture plaster wall.
  • Plant leaf flower green object.
  • Furniture gray object.
  • Europe england rock wiltshire stonehenge.
  • Yellow sunrise spain europe red.
  • Bird animal aquatic water pond.
  • Animal blue sheep green cyan.
  • Vehicle blue white ship.
  • Volcanic mountain bolivia steam sky.
  • Nature white texture.
  • South america lago argentino mountain sky lake.
  • South america chile sky landscape valley of the moon.
  • White rock mountain.
  • Rock water sea surface wave.
  • Cloud sky above blue.
  • Sea surface white wave water.
  • South america ruin peru altitude moray.
  • Asia archway dome rashtrapati bhavan column.
  • Model person male animal horse.
  • Stone texture.
  • Historic gerasa middle east ancient ruin.
  • Animal bird starling.
  • Plant green flower red pink.
  • Sea coast water.